Hallo Wunderschön

Wo auf der Welt sind Sie?

Hallo Wunderschön

Wo auf der Welt sind Sie?

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This Nightly Self-Care Routine Helped Me Beat Insomnia

Think candles, crystals, and the Beyoncé of face masks.


If there is one thing I would say that beats all the rest in my exhaustive self-care routine, it would be this Slip Silk Eye Mask. It’s the Beyoncé of eye masks. It literally feels like a silk pillow for my eyes. (It also is kind of exactly that.) My dream is to invest in seven different silk eye masks and embroider them with the days of the week like the bougie queen I dream to be.

- Chloe Hall | Producer at Elle.com

Read the full article here: www.elle.com/beauty

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