Melanie Grant

Melanie Grant

Melanie Grant is one of the world's most sought-after skincare experts. With more than two decades of experience in the industry.

Melanie is no stranger to appearing in the global press, regularly featuring in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and The New York Times. 

With a collection of state-of-the-art studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Paris and London, Melanie has earned a devoted following, as well as recognition across the beauty industry. In 2016, CHANEL Australia announced Melanie as their first official Skin Expert, followed by CHANEL USA in 2019. With her latest conquest of publishing the new beauty bible, The Modern Guide to Skin Health, there can only be big things on the horizon for this skincare expert. 

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We sat down with Melanie Grant to ask her ten.


The classic White King Envelope Pillowcase is the original and the best for me.


1. Favorite slip® product?

The classic White King Envelope Pillowcase is the original and the best for me. Along with the scrunchies and a sleep mask in black!


2. Juggling motherhood with work, what’s your secret to finding balance, if at all?

I think the secret is that there is no balance!  I try my best just to be present wherever I am. When I'm home with my boys and my husband I try to limit my time on calls and emails. When I'm in Studio or office, I try to really focus my energy and attention on my clients and team.  It can definitely feel like a balancing act at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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3. Biggest pinch me moment in life so far?

Personally it would be having my two boys for sure. Professionally opening my first studio in Sydney.. and strangely seeing the cover of my new book that's due out in June - The Modern Guide to Skin Health - it didn't feel real!  I've been lucky to have a few pinch me moments in my life and career

4. Who is Melanie at home?

I’m my best at home! I love hosting dinner parties or bbqs and especially love just being at home with my husband Jason and our two boys. Sitting in the garden with a coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening is my favourite or just pottering about in my nightie - bliss!

5. What do you want to be remembered for?

For me it’s always about my family. I want to be remembered as a good mother, wife and friend. Hopefully grandmother.. And as an innovator in my industry.. where my clients both look and feel great with the treatments and services we provide.  

6. Life without Melanie Grant Studios - where would you be, what would you be doing? What's your sliding doors career?

If I wasn't treating skin, I'd probably be working with interiors. I love design, there's something about planning the elements of a space - from lighting to tones, texture, artwork and furniture and then being able to move through and live within that really excites me!


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7. One beauty product you can't live without?

Sun care! It's a non-negotiable as the final step in any skincare regime, each and every morning. You'd be surprised how many common skin concerns can be prevented just by being mindful of our sun exposure. It's the ultimate anti ageing product.

8. Favorite local restaurant in your hometown?

I’m a bit of a nomad and live across Sydney, London and spend lots of time in Paris and LA. So for Sydney either Margaret in Double Bay or Fratelli in Potts Point. London is Scotts in Mayfair or River Cafe.. or Ottelenghi on Pavillion Rd for an easy lunch. Paris  - So many it’s hard.. Langosteria is a new favourite or Caviar Kaspia for a fun night. LA It’s Gigi’s for sure and Matsuhisha for the best sushi!

9. What is your morning ritual?

I always start the day with a hot water and a squeeze of lemon, followed by a strong coffee while I skim my inbox.  I like going for a brisk morning walk with my dogs when I'm home and try to do pilates when I can squeeze it in.

10. What is something you are looking forward to?

So many things! Summer holidays with my two boys, the launch of my book and finally opening our London studio.

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