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I wanted to put a spotlight on female creators in beauty. Women who created products to fill the gaps in their own routines; women who couldn’t find anything that spoke to them in the right way; women who needed something to make their lives easier: women just like you.

To celebrate five years of beauty on NET-A-PORTER, I’ve chosen my five favourite products from the site's luxury beauty offering, made by women, for women. Each one has a unique story and purpose and, crucially, does something pretty incredible for the skin.

DANIELA MOROSINI | Beauty writer and Consultant

Slip™ Embroidered Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Silk is the gold standard when it comes to sleepwear and bedding, but Slip founder Fiona Stewart felt that there weren’t enough good quality options on the market. Using only non-toxic dyes, with the most premium quality silk and the perfect amount of shine and durability, this Slip Eye Mask is a touch of luxury you can enjoy every day.

Why Fiona created it…
Fiona was working for 21st Century Fox when she was prescribed aggressive anti-acne medication. It worked, but her hair and skin became incredibly sensitive and sore. Her dermatologist suggested she start using silk bedding, but she struggled to find anything practical as well as pretty. Enter the Slip Sleep Mask: perfect for helping even the fussiest of sleepers get some shut-eye, it’s soft and gentle, but will go the distance with you.

What makes it different…
Lots of eye masks are made of synthetic fibres, and even those made from cotton can be abrasive on sensitive skin. Avoid irritation and get a good night’s beauty sleep with this clever little mask. Plus, the 'Incredible Woman' embroidery is exclusive to NET-A-PORTER to celebrate their five-year beauty anniversary.

It's best for…
If you find it hard to sleep on planes, or struggle to nod off unless it’s pitch black in your room, this mask will be a godsend. It’s gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes.


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